Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Economic Studies Bode Ill for River District Plan

Read the column here (04 September 2011).

“Review of: The Athens-Clarke County Unified Government,” prepared by the 2010 Overview Commission (January 2011).  This document used to appear on the old version of the Auditor’s page of the Unified Government’s web site; it did not make the transition to the newer, expensive version:

“Community and Economic Development Assessment of Athens-Clarke County,” funded by Georgia Power Company and prepared by Janus Economics (August 2011):

“Evaluation of the Feasibility of Creating an Oconee Riverfront Economic Development District,” prepared by Pathfinder Consulting/Bleakley Advisory Group (June 2011):

Georgia Department of Community Affairs 2011 Directory of Registered Local Government Authorities (enter “Athens-Clarke” as city/county and “development” as type to see the various development authorities):

Economic Development Foundation:

Athens Area Chamber of Commerce:

Unified Government’s Human and Economic Development Department:

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