Monday, November 14, 2011

Moratoria Aren't Good Government

Read the column here (02 October 2011).

The column that I had originally planned ran very much along the same lines of Myra Blackmon’s most recent one. After all, pointing out that we need a shared vision of what constituted “historic” for the purposes of historic preservation is an obvious corollary to my point that we need a shared vision for the purpose of economic development. Anyway, Myra beat me to the punch.

As a fallback, I was preparing one of my “informational” efforts concerning the Athens-Clarke County Historic Preservation Commission. Then, in last Tuesday’s edition there appeared the story about our betters down at City Hall enacting yet another development moratorium – naturally with no public notice of which to speak – and the current column pretty much wrote itself. Perhaps I will revisit the one about the A-CCHPC later on.

For the “moratorium on moratoriums” comment, see:

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