Tuesday, November 15, 2011

No Guarantees On Getting Social Security

Read the column here (06 August 2011).

This column proved to be something of a trial to write. Not in a conceptual sense, mind you, as I am familiar with the argument and sources and have written on this topic in earlier letters to the editor and blog posts.

The problem was one of having too much to say. What started out as a relatively simple 750-word Sunday column took on a life of its own as I delved deeper into the details of the argument – at one point I was even considering a four-part series: 1) an analysis of and commentary on the provisions of the Social Security Act; 2) an analysis of and commentary on Helvering v. Davis; 3) an analysis of and commentary on Flemming v. Nestor; and 4) an analysis of and commentary on the details of the Social Security Trust Fund (on which I still may pen something).

Such an extensive undertaking may well have been intellectually satisfying, but would involved far more time and effort than I really have to devote to it. Besides, seeing as how my columns are published on a bi-weekly basis, I fear that readers’ eyes would simply glaze over long before two months of this topic made it to print.

Thus, a retrenchment was in order. Be that as it may, though, readers are invited to review some of the source material for themselves and take it from there:

United States Code, Title 42 Chapter 7 - Social Security; see specifically Section 1304:

Helvering v. Davis:

Flemming v. Nestor:

And just for fun, see Social Security Retirement Benefits by Date of Birth (full retirement age is already 67 for anyone born after 01 January 1960 - and is just going to increase from there so get ready for it):

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