Friday, November 18, 2011

Redistricting Work Should Give Voice To Students

Read the column here (24 July 2011).

If readers think that these proposals sound familiar, they are correct. I advocated both as good government measures when I ran for the District 1 seat on the Athens-Clarke County Commission back in 2006. Other than the passage of time, absolutely nothing has changed and I still think that both would be a worthwhile endeavors. Of course, they were both ignored them back then. I don’t have high hopes for this time around, either.

Georgia General Assembly Joint Reapportionment Office:

Georgia Secretary of State Redistricting/Reapportionment Archives:

NSCL Redistricting Commissions and Alternatives to the Legislature Conducting Redistricting:

NCSL Redistricting Commissions: Legislative Plans:

Media coverage of my 2006 campaign regarding local redistricting:

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