Saturday, January 21, 2012

Clarke Schools Come At High Cost

Read the column here (22 January 29012).

All of the above percentage and percentile calculation are my own.

The Georgia Department of Education usually posts its per pupil expenditure information in December for the previous fiscal year (meaning, for example, in December 2010 for FY 2010, which ran from July 2009 through June 2010).  For whatever reason, FY 2011 figures were not posted until either very late this past Tuesday or very early on this past Wednesday.

Those school districts smaller than the CCSD that have a higher per pupil expenditure range from the Taliaferro County School District, with a mere 199 students, to the Decatur City School District, tallying 2902 students.

Those interested can take a look at the Georgia Department of Education Revenue and Expenditure reports for FY 2011 for themselves:

Here is the current CCSD “Facts & Figures” web page that omits any ands all mention of per pupil expenditures:

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