Friday, January 20, 2012

Clowns To the Left Of Me, Jokers To The Right

Doug McKillip, former Democrat and current Republican representing self'consciously progressive Athens in the Georgia House of Representatives, appears to be an unpopular sort.  See here and here.

The Democrats are promising to exact revenge for his sudden shift to the GOP, just weeks after being named to the number two post in the Democrat's House leadership structure following the 2010 election.  Also, the locals are upset with what they see as his "interference" in local redistricting by virtue of McKillip's sudden interest in the composition of the Athens-Clarke County Commission.  He is sure to face spirited Democratic opposition in this year's general election.

If he makes it that far.  Many of the GOP faithful are not the least bit impressed with McKillip either, and local attorney Regina Quick is throwing her hat into the ring as a Republican primary opponent to McKillip (they faced one another across the partisan divide back in 2006).  If she wins, and I hope that she does, my only regret would be that serving in the House may take away from her time drubbing City Hall in the courts.

No one seems to be on McKillip's side, with the possible exception of the state's Republican establishment.  I am a Republican, but I am less and less enamored of the "establishment" at both the state and national levels (more about which at a later date).

I penned this at the end of 2010 concerning the local GOP Christmas party:

Finally, Doug McKillip of the 115th, the GOP’s newest member of the Georgia House of Representatives, was in attendance. I had wondered if he would make an appearance, and sure enough he did. For his part, it was a good political move if nothing else. For my part, I welcomed him over to the Dark Side. I wrote some pretty harsh things about McKillip’s sudden political conversion over on the Banner-Herald comment boards and still think that it is up to McKillip to prove me wrong, but we shall see.

We shall, indeed.

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