Thursday, January 5, 2012

GOP Presidential Bye-Ku

Here are the 2012 GOP presidential bye-ku, so far, as shamelessly lifted from James Taranto via WSJ online’s Best of the Web Today:

Tim Pawlenty (15 August 2011)
No match for the girl
He'd be dead if not for her
"Minnesota Nice"

Thaddeus McCotter (22 September 2011)
He plays the guitar
And yet he never managed
To strike any chord

Herman Cain (06 December 2011)
Cheater at haiku
Instead of 5-7-5
It was 9-9-9

Michele Bachmann (04 January 2012)
She of "crazy eyes"
May be crazy like a fox
News contributor

There will probaby be a few more in the not too distant future.

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